How long can I stay in HK after my working visa expires?

Posted by AndreaLeng 3 days ago
I’ve been living in Hk for 2 years and my working visa is expiring at the end of May. Does anyone know for how long can I stay here as a visitor after my visa expires? I’d like to stay for at least another 2-3 months. I know that before Covid people used to leave Hk for a day and then come back for another 3 months with a tourist visa, but does anyone know how it works now? Couldn’t find any info online. Thank you!

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Doombolt 2 days ago
Dear Andrea,

Normally visas expire on their published dates. There is no automatic period that extends from this date. Yes (PRE covid ) people would exit and re enter HK on a visitor visa but this depends on the passport you have.

For example visitors from Columbia can get a 3 month tourist visa upon entry however Philippines normally only had 2 weeks. Best go to HK Immigration Dept now and ask for their advice. Don't overstay as this only complicates everything and limits your options.

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