See it before it too is gone

Posted by BruceDayank 13 days ago
Once the hub of activity in Hong Kong, Fenwick Pier is now under the threat of becoming another vacant lot and memory. I don't think that there could be anybody here who has been here for more than 20 years who doesn't know Fenwick Pier so please tell your friends about your memories of the place or better still take them down there for a stroll through Memory Lane.
Remember what it was like when it was the waterfront, bustling with sailors, marines, tourists, girls and shopkeepers. Tell the stories about how it was where all the sailors would land and come into the world of Suzie Wong before the powers to be modernize the place and it will only be memories.
A very unassuming building, but so full of memories and ghosts, also great food, wines, cigars, souvenirs and good clothes. Go on in, you are supposed to be a member, but that is not a problem with the very friendly doorman handing out the cards. Stroll around, imagine the barber shop full of young men getting 'cleaned up' for their shore leave, buying nick nacks for their families back home.
Nowadays there is also a delicatessen on the ground floor that could be in Rome as everything and I mean everything comes from Italy. On the first floor is a fantastic Italian restaurant, but you will probably be out of luck getting a seat as it is booked out most of the time.
The second floor is where the real treasures are, stroll down the aisle and see a shop so full of those kinds of objects that are in those homes of those who seek out the wilder parts of this world. Then you come upon a Tailor shop, but not any ordinary Tailor shop, here you will find something that you will like. Tony not only is an excellent experienced tailor, he also is the contact for fine wines, cheeses, cigars and groceries that you will not believe.
I dare you to go into his shop and come out with nothing!! You will get an interesting story if nothing else because Tony has been there since it was the hub of Hong Kong and he loves to tell you those stories. So before another memory is destroyed go back and relive those times from not that long ago and imagine just getting off the ship and looking for Suzie Wong.

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