Landlord trying to charge more than security deposit

Posted by Iachen 4 mths ago
Hello All,

I let someone else stay in my apartment, which breached the tenancy agreement, so the landlord confiscated my entire deposit. After I moved out, someone else immediately moved into the unit and has been staying there for a few months already. I've been asking for my landlord to return the last 2 weeks of my rent as I paid for the last month but only stayed for 2 weeks of it. I understand she can confiscate my deposit for my violation but I do not feel she's entitled to the rent I paid when I didn't stay and someone else moved in. Plus, she received rent from the new tenant for that same period.

To avoid paying me back this rent, she says she's now going to get the unit inspected for damages and she will deduct any damages from the extra rent before paying me back. I dont think this is fair as someone else has been staying all this time already and I also didn't leave damages when I vacated the unit.

What should I do in this case? If I do decide to take things to a small claims court, do I have a winning chance and is there any way I may also claim for some of the deposit back, given that she has not incurred any losses as a result of my breach and a new tenant came in right away? Any advice would be helpful, thank you.

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bananaq 4 mths ago
Nothing can do. its your fault. just move on.

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