Injury suffered as Train Driver closes door - Admitted by MTR

Posted by rcherry 4 mths ago
A couple of days ago, there was an incident whilst I was trying to board the train in which the driver intentionally closed the door on me as I was stepping onto the train from the platform. My leg as a result fell straight through the gap and I was wedged between the train and the platform.

The driver never got out of the train to see if I was ok. Instead, he was indifferent as he repeatedly beeped the sound of the door closure, pressuring me (from his cabin) to either get on or off.

I landed on my inner thigh and suffered cuts and bruises but no broken bones and didn't need the hospital. I was able to stand up and walk but was a bit shaken and shocked by what had just happened.

I immediately reported the incident to the Manager at the nearest MTR Train Station, and later the MTR Manager reviewed the CCTV. He then immediately called me that evening and again the next day, to repeatedly confirm that the driver was at fault. The MTR took full responsibility and said that this is against their policy, and admitted their driver was wrong and shouldn't have done what he did.

They may be reprimanding him.

What I want to know is whether I am owed any sort of compensation as a result, and how best to ask for this.

I'd appreciate your advice. Thank you in advance.

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bananaq 4 mths ago
ask a lawyer.

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