Credit card debt in Hong Kong

Posted by oliveoil24 11 mths ago

So I had outstanding credit card debt of about 77,000 HKD at HSBC Hong Kong when I moved back to Europe, where I am from. I arranged a payment plan with HSBC to pay off that debt and was doing so regularly until the pandemic hit and I was diagnosed with cancer last summer. By that time, I had paid down the debt to $43,000. I called HSBC, and explained I was unable to work or make payments, and HSBC agreed to hold my balance at $43,000 without interest accruing, until January, when they instructed me to call back and set up a new payment plan.

I called back in January, and HSBC had added in interest and late fees from the last several months, going against that agreement, and increasing my balance to $55,000. They then said they would not set up a payment plan for the lower amount ( and seemed to be unaware that they had agreed to hold my balance to $43,000, without interest accruing ). I have called the bank several times since then, but have gotten nowhere.

I never plan to return to Hong Kong, but want to pay off my debt. I am very disappointed with the bank, and am not sure what the best way is forward. Any advice?

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Ed 11 mths ago
There is an old discussion along these lines on our forum --- some of this may still be relevant/useful.

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