Metal roof- help!

Posted by cipher404 55 days ago
Just moved in. Some part of the roof in this house is metal. When it rains, noise is just insane-feel like I am in the middle of war zone and water leaked from the roof.
Can you please recommend a roof specialist who wouldn’t break my bank?

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bananaq 53 days ago
I feel your pain. Mine is just a constant drop of water on my aircon metal casing from the top floor and its like torture. I think its better to be in the war zone rather than being tortured every night. Anyway winter is coming and nobody will use aircon but rainy days, not over yet.

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Jerrytam0606 51 days ago
I suggest you to add one more glass on top of the roof if your existing roof is available to install.

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Arrows 35 days ago
The easiest option that will not cost you a fortune and easy to install is to take a walk down Mong Kok and buy some rubber matting, you can buy it by the roll. It will stop the leaking and will soften the sound.

Good luck,


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