Philips ceiling fan light

Posted by hwsuen 9 mths ago
When I first bought this when moving to a new flat, I was of the opinion it's a trustworthy brand, but it's not.

The light with three modes is supposed to last 15000 hours, it breaks down after just 15 months.

On contacting customer service, it's outsourced provider (OSP), not Philips itself.
The guy named Howard drags on without providing how it can be done. Almost 5 emails back and forth to get to,
1. Original and soft copy invoice
2. Replacement on return of product
3. No on site service without a fee with yet another provider on dismantling.

All these could have been spelt out on first contact, the OSP just wanted to fend off claims so that you find it too troublesome to carry on.

Does anyone know any electrician who can fix this on one visit
Dismantling and returning faulty product doesn't make sense if you have to pay for dismantling anyway.

Any other suggestions on another ceiling fan light provider that provides on site service and dismantling this bad Philips product

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bananaq 9 mths ago
can you take a picture and send to me. also how high is the ceiling.

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Ed 9 mths ago
We have a short list of electricians in our Hong Kong directory 

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