PR application: Continue waiting or do something?

Posted by wizcoco 2 yrs ago
Hi! I've applied for Hong Kong PR with the following timeline:

23 Jul - Submitted application online (applied 1 month before 7yrs complete on Aug 22)

1st week Aug - Received acknowledgement letter & letter asking to upload (1) ROP146, (2) passport scan within 2 weeks. Letters dated 27,28 Jul respectively

5 Aug - Uploaded 3 things: (1) ROP 146, (2) Passport 1st+Last Pages scans, and (3) all HK-Visa sticker scans
(I read on some online forums that if your case is straightforward with no gaps in the 7 yrs, then better to not upload lots of documents because it may slow down the process because they are going through all the extra information provided)

19 Aug - Got nervous due to lack of response so decided to upload a lot of "proof" documents to support my case
(1) University offer letter & graduation certificate
(2) Tax returns & receipts for the 3 years I worked after graduating
(3) Bank statement first page for 7 years showing my address

22 Aug - The day I completed 7 yrs in Hong Kong

As of today, 3 Sep, the online status has remained "In Progress" throughout all this time. My question is: should I visit immigration tower or email them or call them to see what's going on? I'd be happy to do that if it will cause them to process faster.

On the other hand, the acknowledgement letter I received did say "Please refrain from making enquiries to the officer in charge of your case about the progress of the application unless it is absolutely necessary, as it may delay the processing of the application". I have no idea why an enquiry would cause a delay, but this sentence is making me double think whether a visit/email/call is a good idea. What are your thoughts?

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bananaq 2 yrs ago
Just wait and be patient. The keyword is pandemic. Another thing is submit only documents that are listed on the application form.

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PSR_AXP 3 mths ago
Click here for our list of Visa Application Centres in Hong Kong 

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