buying outdoor furniture online

Posted by Pictoid 2 yrs ago

Does anyone have experience (good or bad) buying outdoor furniture from online vendors or TaoBao?

We have a few advertising on asiaxpat and other sites and wonder what the experience has been in terms of getting what you expect, quality and service. Have these furniture pieces been lasting ?

Have been seeing sponsored posts and ads from Long Beach on Umall on AsiaXpat - so familiar with these names now, but have not dealt with them before would appreciate any feedback others may have.

Thanks !

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Ed 2 yrs ago
Both companies have advertised with us for many years so they are not fly by night operations...   and we have never received any complaints regarding their products or services. 

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Pictoid 2 yrs ago
I went ahead and got some sofas from Long Beach. It was quite convenient and they look nice, as advertised. So far so good. Thanks :-)

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PSR_AXP 3 mths ago
   Click here for a list of home and outdoor furniture shops

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