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Posted by jayjay77 5 mths ago
I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a mechanic / garage that can service and repair Jaguar cars? I would like an alternative to the official Jaguar service centre. I have a 2007 XJ6 that needs its annual service plus some suspension work.

You can contact me directly on 94499229

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Ed 5 mths ago
I've done some searching and can't seem to find any garages that specialize in this make of vehicle in HK.
As you probably already know, it's not a good idea to try to service or repair a car at a garage that doesn't focus on a particular brand.    They won't have the vehicle specific diagnostic tools and if they are not familiar with the car, it can be a steep learning curve to repair what might be a simple fix for Jaguar expert (and you pay for the hours...).   
A mate of mine is a mechanic at Toyota and he warned me off of using a generalist mechanic on a BMW --- he said that what they sometimes will do is replace BMW fluids with non brand-spec fluids (which are quite a bit cheaper) because a) they don't know any better or b) so that they can come in with a more competitive quote.  Doing so saves money in the short run can damage the vehicle.

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jayjay77 5 mths ago
Many thanks for your reply and I do agree with your comments. I just find it very unusual not to have experienced Jaguar mechanics available in the city other than officially at Jaguar but I too could not find any alternatives.

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