Landlord refuses fixing structural issues - breaking tenancy agreement

Posted by NickSanders 7 mths ago
My landlord refused to fix water heater despite the clause on the tenancy agreement that all structural issues are fixed by landlord, and left us 3 months with no hot water. He fixed it after all, but only when I notified her of breaking the agreement. Still though I am going to stop paying the rent for two months and told her to regard two months deposit I placed as these two months rentals. She threatened me she will file a court case. I understand that since she failed to abide by the agreement clauses, I have right to break the lease earlier. All comments will be appreciated.

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manafr 6 mths ago
It happened to my friend last year for the exact same reason. LL claimed legal action and my friend challenged back and said he will do the same and ask for further compensation. Later LL agreed to do it amicably and settled everything after deducting a small damage for some damages on the wall. Some LL misuse the fact that they have the deposit in their hand but it’s not everyone.
In your case you don’t need to give in but if you went through an agent they have a responsibility to mediate.

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