How long the flight and entry and exit limit will continue ?

Posted by santinlo 7 mths ago
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Ed 7 mths ago
The Hong Kong Government has indicated that the quarantine will remain in effect indefinitely.   So who knows... it most definitely will not end anytime soon.
I would note that in New Zealand, where I have been trapped for two+ years now, the government promised a few months ago that if enough people were Pfizered, we could travel and return without a hotel quarantine - instead it would be a home quarantine for the double jabbed. 
So millions of NZers took the Pfizer expecting the freedom they were promised... but then the government decided that no - because of Omicron that promise would be broken.
A two week hotel quarantine remains in place --- and it is almost impossible to get a spot in a quarantine hotel.  They auction the rooms and roughly 10% who apply get a spot.  There are NZers who have been stuck overseas for 6 months and longer who are unable to secure a space.
Meanwhile occupancy rates at hotels in Auckland are abysmal as there are zero inbound tourists (only residents and citizens are allowed into NZ).....  I find it strange that the government does not designate more hotels as quarantine centres ---  most returning NZers need to pay for their stay so it costs the government nothing.

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