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Posted by Mikegoh 16 mths ago
I just moved to HK and bought a flat. Contacted three contractors for my apartment renovation. Creative Health Reno. Co. was the most reponsive and offered the best quote. He speaks English well (which is quite hard to find). I was quite impressed with his past job reference.

Total pro's. I was happy with the whole experience. Gave me piece of mind from the entire project.
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Markrivaland 15 mths ago
CK will start the complete remodeling of my house in next week. Together with his design team, I am excited to see how it goes...

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Markrivaland 11 mths ago
My house renovation was completed and I have to say this is the most satisfying experience in home renovation I have ever had.

Throughout the renovation period, my contractor had kept me update with photos of every progress. I had met CK and designer for only 3 times on nailing down the design and materials selection, very efficient! My wife made some changes on the design in the middle of the work, the design and contractor teams were so responsive to work it out at a very reasonable cost. The project was delivered ahead of schedule, which was a really good news to us! (So much rain in June this year)

My house has 2 storeys plus rooftop in Sai Kung, 1400 SQ ft with 2.5 bath and 3 br.

I would definitely recommend my contractor CK to those looking for a realiable renovation contractor.

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kapiltony 7 mths ago
Hi there, is anyone willing to share contact of Creative Health Reno. Co to me?

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Mikegoh 7 mths ago
Kapiltony, just pm to you

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kapiltony 7 mths ago
Thanks Mikegoh, I will check it up

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kapiltony 7 mths ago
After going through a few conversations and preliminary screening, I am going with CK for my apartment renovation. Let see how it goes.

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kapiltony 5 mths ago
My home project is undergoing halfway through. Ck's designer gave me great ideas for choice and his team accomodated my design changes and tackled technical problems subject to site conditions. Communication is good and I have received constant progress photos from Ck.

I am currently out of HK, will update here later on.

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kapiltony 2 mths ago
My home renovation was completed and I have moved in for a couple weeks. Every work done are up to my satisfaction, especially the details are perfectly made.
Wonderful experience throughout the project!

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kapiltony 41 days ago
Before renting a shop in Wan Chai for my restaurant, I consulted CK for any license application and relevant renovation work. He was helpful to offer me free advices. Most importantly, he has connections to complete all sorts of set up. I cannot wait to see my first ever restaurant opening in HK!

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