Traffic offense: careless driving letter

Posted by meh2280 18 mths ago
Hello. I’m new to driving in Hong Kong and recently got a letter in the mail for a traffic offense: careless driving near the island eastern corridor highway. If I remember correctly, the car in front of me stopped and Brake could not stop fast enough, I had to swerve to the left lane real quick or else I would have hit the car. There weren’t any cops around. I’m guessing another driver may have reported me? I certainly wasn’t being careless but just had to avoid an actual accident.

From what I read from other forums, you basically get a court date, plead guilty, and pay a fine. Is that right?

Any chance I could fight this without a lawyer since I don’t think I was being careless? Paying the fine is not a big deal, but I don’t think I am in the wrong here.

Any tips or suggestions for anyone who experienced similar offense would be greatly appreciated.

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PSR_AXP 8 mths ago
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