Swimming pools regulation

Posted by Isabelle852 12 mths ago
Some years ago there was a chat on this forum about swimming pool regulations and I wondered if anyone could help.

I live in a complex with a lovely swimming pool.

The problem is that the hours where life guards are on duty are limited and together with the other owners, we would like to allow people to use the pool outside of lifeguard hours.

Has anyone come across a similar situation and managed to get a waiver to allow people to use the pool outside of lifeguard hours at their own risks.

I am not sure what the waiver bit at the end of the licence means.

The swimming pool license states that:

Every licensee of a swimming pool shall cause to be in attendance at the pool, at all times during which such pool is open to bathers, not less than 2 life saving attendants possessing valid certificates of competency in life saving and first aid issued by an association approved by the Director for that purpose and certifying a standard of competency not less than that of a holder of the pool lifeguard award of the Hong Kong Life Saving Society: (L.N. 39 of 2005)

Provided that the Director may upon application modify or waive all or any of the requirements of this section in any particular case. (G.N.A. 119 of 1961)

I would appreciate some help!


(78 of 1999 s. 7; 59 of 2000 s. 3)

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