Is there a unit blacklist? Underhanded tactics by Landlord

Posted by MWang18 5 mths ago
Does anyone know if there is a blacklist of units in HK owned by landlords who don't fulfill their obligations?

This landlord further ( illegally without basis) withheld an amount claiming damages (for leaving behind a 3M STICK ON wall hook) from my deposit refund - which she dragged on for 17 days from date I returned the unit. This wall hook was not raised as an issue on the day of handover and she waited till much later to bring it up when anything could have happened. I am now working on filing claims against her and her agent.

Before that she had also tried to corner me (through delay tactics) to accept unilaterally amended terms in the tenancy renewal agreement forcing me to find another apartment at short notice which (fortunately) I was able to do, and go through moving home at short notice.

Its very frustrating - because I had fulfilled every single part of my obligation yet people like this have no shame whatsover to behave so badly and they continue to get away with it.

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