Washing machine spare parts madness

Posted by Clark145 3 mths ago
Good day friends, My elderly Chinese neighbour who I help out has a leaking water hose in her whirlpool washing machine and whirlpool will not sell me the part but will if I pay $500 to have a tech come and do it!!!!!!!! I will refrain from listing the adjectives I have screamed at this avaricious behavior lest to say that my web searching has been unable to locate a shop to buy a replacement. Any advice out there that will calm me down and allow me to fix her problem , Calmingly yours Sam
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PSR_AXP 3 mths ago
Is that the grey hose that's attached to the back of a washing machine? I think I saw one like that at a big hardware store in Kennedy Town.

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Clark145 3 mths ago
Thank you PSR , your perception in the absence of any other info is spot on , Once I had calmed down I fixed with parts from my local hardware hole in wall sans filter but would appreciate a heads up on the address of the store you described in case of any further issues Many thanks if that is possible Regards Sam

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PSR_AXP 3 mths ago
It's Wing Kee Hardware at 24 Belcher's street, Kennedy Town. 25210001

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