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Posted by VHilts 9 mths ago
Hoping someone might be able to provide some tips or advice re: finding employment as an expat here in Hong Kong.

I moved here recently from the UK, with my long-term partner (a Hong Konger who moved back to start work here). I've been trying since then to find work but aside from a couple of interviews, am not having any luck at all.

I've tried the usual job boards (JobsDB, CTgoodjobs etc), registered with multiple recruitment agencies and obviously applied for lots of jobs directly on company careers portals.

My background is in accounting/finance, so I was hopeful of being able to find something.

My question is: does anyone have any advice on the best routes to take, any websites or approaches I might be missing?

Any help is gratefully received.

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PSR_AXP 9 mths ago
You may need to consider entry-level jobs if you haven't already. Try to widen your circle as well, as your new friends may be able to point you to the direction of possible career opportunities. Try Linkedin too. Review  your CV and cover letter, and check if there's anything that can be improved. Meanwhile, if you want to earn some cash while you're waiting to get hired, there are plenty of part-time opportunities in the F&B industry. 

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