Moving to Australia - Shipping and rubbish disposal logistics advice

Posted by mikekwan 5 mths ago
My brother and I are planning to move my 89-year-old mother back to Australia to live with us in March 2024. She has been living in a 3-bedroom apartment in Yau Yat Chuen by herself (and a maid) for the last 10 years. As she will be living with us, we will not need any furniture and most of the contents will be disposed of. However, there will be lots of smaller items of sentimental value which will need to be shipped to Australia. My spoken Cantonese is functional, but can’t really read. So a few questions:

1. Are there any recommended rubbish removal companies? In Australia, we hire a skip and we just fill it to the brim and it gets removed. Mum has an empty parking spot at her unit. Anything similar in Hong Kong?

2. Any good giveaway, “buy,sell,swap” or donation sites in Hong Kong? There will be probably lots of useable good quality items (from books, clothing, furniture, vinyl records, TVs, household items, etc, etc) that we don’t want that we don’t want to ship but probably too good to just throw away. Wish garage sales were a thing!

3. Any recommendations for shipping companies for Hong Kong to Australia (Sydney)? I see some listings on this site, but any particular ones people would recommend?

Thank you so much for any advice.

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Ed 5 mths ago
You can sell or give away items here 
In terms of moving companies, for an international move I'd recommend Santa Fe
Here is some info on what to do with the rubbish 

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mikekwan 5 mths ago
Thank you!

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