repair a pearl string



POSTED BY 4G (11 yrs ago)
Anyone know where I can get my pearl necklace repaired ,some of the pearls are missing as the string snapped

Thanks for any feedback


Seawarriors (11 yrs ago)
Years ago, I had mine fixed by this man who owns a little stall along Hankow Road in TST. He sells all

sorts of jewellery, and fixes them, too. Sorry, I don't have the name of the shop.

altro (11 yrs ago)
have you try the jade market in yau ma tei ? quite a no. of stall there selling pearls, probably they can restring on the spot as well.

4G (11 yrs ago)
thanks ,have never been to jade mkt ,would be grateful if u can advise how to go by mtr


altro (11 yrs ago)
do you know how to get to the cinema called 'broadway cinematheque', it is the same exit at the mtr yau ma tei, i think it is exti c ?? you can ask the mtr staff, surely they can point u to the right ext.

in fact i always go to the same lady there whom speaks ok english too, very very reasonable too. but i don't have her stall no. with me now, if you can wait , can tell you maybe tmrw, mind you you better get there before 4pm latest, as they start packing up around 5pm , as you do want to take your time when u are there.

4G (11 yrs ago)
yes sure i can wait to get the right place to go to ,is much easier that way

Thanks altro

altro (11 yrs ago)
4G : can you PM me with your email address, I am thinking to scan the little direction map I am making as then you can easily locate the little stalls I have been using for the last few years. Mind you all of them look very much the same, just different in stall number.

If you are not after a repair job which can only done by very high-end jeweller, that place could be of help.

altro (11 yrs ago)
no probs, but pls PM me with your email contact.

MR (11 yrs ago)
contact Mo she has a shop in pottinger st central 25379335

she is english and does do re-stringing very reasonable

4G (11 yrs ago)
thanks MR ,shall try her too

altro (11 yrs ago)
MO is good, she will find her contacts to fix for you too.

4G (11 yrs ago)
thnx,next week shall try one of the 2 options

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