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POSTED BY Indigo88 (11 yrs ago)
Hi all,

I heard something about cottages on Lantau Island available to rent.

Does anyone know how we can go about booking this and finding out some detailed information.

Like what we should bring. This is our first time trying something like this so any help would be appreciated.

There will be about 6 adults and 5 kids.


cara (11 yrs ago)
they are not cottages. rather they are village houses that have been done up as holiday homes, which basically means that they are furnished flats rented out by the night.

sorry, i don't have any more information than that, although i've seen them advertised in mui wo, near the cooked food market. but the ads are all in chinese.

Team NZ (11 yrs ago)
Hi, I found these links, but have not stayed there personally.

Indigo88 (11 yrs ago)
Thanks for the replies. We are just looking for a place that we can rent one or two nights. That is good for BBQ and the kids can play on the beach

iamsmak (11 yrs ago)
this is an inn style, rather than a cottage, but it is directly on the beach and they have a bbq. Plus water sports. Very nice people, we spend lots of time down there.

sylvialili (11 yrs ago)
Here are the contact details of the ones right at the pier:

1) Brilliant Holiday

Shop KC, Lower Deck, Mui Wo Pier, Lantau Island

Tel: 2984 2662

Fax: 2984 1182

2) 天天渡假屋 (no english name on their business card)

Shop F, Lower Deck, Mui Wo Pier, Lantau Island

Tel: 2984 8982

Mobile: 9316 3952 (Mr Lee)

These holiday homes are furnished village houses with beddings. You will need to bring your own personal care items like shower gel, shampoo & conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, etc. If you are planning to cook or for a BBQ during your stay, Wellcome and Park'N Shop are both situated close to the ferry pier.

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