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POSTED BY 73 (10 yrs ago)
we just moved in to singapore and living in the area of upper east coast. i would like to know if anyone can recommend me a pediatrician for my 13 month old baby girl....and also an ob-gyne for me as well? thanks


Cath (10 yrs ago)
Hi 73,

go to this website for info on singapore pediatrician.

I got 2 wonderful baby pediatricians to recommend, DR Catherine Lam (Lam Baby & Child Clinic) Tel : 6734 7207 (Gleneagles Medical Center)

And Dr Lim (Kidslink Children's Clinic) Tel : 6243-3243 (In Bedok North)

As for Gyne, DR KL Tan ( K L Tan's Clinic For Women) Tel : 6235-2244 (Mount Elizabeth Medical Center)

Take care.

Wheelymate (10 yrs ago)
welcome to singapore!

i am familiar about the PD or OB-GYN operating in the upper east coast area. the nearest hospitals to upper east coast is probably east short hospital or closer to town, raffles hospital. they probably have websites and you can search there.

having said that, Kinder Clinic and Singapore Baby & Child are chains PD clinics with branches in various hospitals such as Mt. Alvernia, mt. Elizabeth and Gleneagles. We use SBCC at Mt. E and are very happy with it. Mt. E and Gleneagles hospital are also very popular with the expat community for such services. They probably have websites that you can use to search for medical care you require.

Good luck!

73 (10 yrs ago)
Hi Cath and Wheelymates!

Thank you so much for the information!

Wheelymate (10 yrs ago)
re-read my post...i meant to say i am not familiar with he PD or by-gyn in the upper east coast area...if it makes a difference.

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