Stag party Ideas........



POSTED BY quix (10 yrs ago)
What to do / where to go, anyone got any wacky ideas?


Wiz Bang (10 yrs ago)
the usual suspect is go to macau or to another asian city like bangkok but of course clean good fun

maybe parade him around town in a wacky costume and ask him to perform tasks or treasure hunts

HkScot (10 yrs ago)
To go into more detail there is a bunch of adventure stuff in Macao - skyjumping, go-karting as well as the casinos....

The_Moog (10 yrs ago)
Lunch in a yummy restaurant, followed by a trip to the cinema at IFC mall. Then a trip on the Peak tram for a walk circumnavigating the Peak.

Wiz Bang (10 yrs ago)
okay okay... as the last few posts were deleted ...

suggest you guys kit up as superheroes saving damsels and grannies in distress in town after your manicure and pedicure.

tinlok (10 yrs ago)
how about a tram party?

HkScot (10 yrs ago)
Why were the last few deleted? My post (and probably others too) wasn't offensive or rule breaking in the slightest...

Wiz Bang (10 yrs ago)
that's the rule

no one questions ED

macaustag (4 yrs ago)
Glad to come this section about Stag party ideas.

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