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POSTED BY Patsidel (10 yrs ago)
I have an Hyla system, which is also a high end water based system. I like the fact that dust does not get blown back into the air. It gets trapped in the water. I use it to deodorize too sometimes as you can put some special fragrant oils in the water. I vacuum everything: sofa, mattress, blinds, water spills in the bathroom and even the dog when she looses too much hair....It gets rid of all the dust mites too. It's an excellent investment when you care for your health. And it lasts forever.


sabinawong (9 yrs ago)
who do I contact to get the demonstration done at home and for purchase? Thanks!

Really very interested in this product

Pork Chop (9 yrs ago)
We got ours from William To from Healthy Homes, a distributer for Rainbow. We have been very happy with it since we have two dogs, it's quite important to keep all the hairs off everything. His number is 9163 7811, tell him Ms. Sung from Sai Kung referred you.

gibsumi (9 yrs ago)
we had a demo, seems to clean well but a few problems: one, you have to stick your hand in that water when cleaning the vacuum; you have to clean the thing everytime you use it; research shows vacuuming does not get rid of dustmites; and in Hong Kong there is nearly a 100% mark up. The price we got 19,980 was 7,000 higher than Rainbow's web site retail price...hmm. You buy it, you got too much money...we did not.

Roderic.law (8 yrs ago)
I got a demo just this morning. Offer was same as aforesaid. I quite like to idea of cleaning the dirty at home as it also could be used as a air purifier. However, I had no immediate need and space issue at my home. I am still thinking of the high price of this product as well.

It it hard to compare it with oversea price instead of local price reference. My question is if you get any problems, if you really purchased over the net or brought it somewhere else, are we going to call support or help oversea!!

But, I will consider it once I move to a bigger house in the near future. On the other hand, I would think that a 3000-4000 range in difference is more reasonable price gap.

( I am based in HK)

tigerbay (8 yrs ago)
A good quality product from a respected manufacturer is unlikely to have any problems.

The reason for the demo is to give you the hard sell. They then get you to sign a purchase agreement for a higher price.

These guys sellling/demonstrating are usually on a commission only pay basis.

There is no guarantee that the company selling will offer any after sales backup. I doubt if they would be any better than the electrical store.

I would not be afraid to buy online from an e-tailer with a good reputation

Roderic.law (8 yrs ago)
Hummm... no after sales services - after the hard sell, it would then ask you for 10 referrals and it is really disgusting.

How do you know the reputation of the e-tailer? Do you have any good referral?

tigerbay (8 yrs ago)
The bigger etailers will offer some guarantee. Including money back guarantees. Most of the big etailers for electrical goods are either connected with Amazon etc. or are the etailing branch of big retailers.

Using Epay also offers protection. So use Epay, or a credit card with purchase protection just to be sure.

I have not bought domestic appliances in Asia and so I cannot make a referal sorry.

aissanabs (8 yrs ago)
I bought a second-hand Rainbow vacuum. Does anyone know where to call for service?

cynthialao (8 yrs ago)
My Rainbow experience was good. After service was good also. The Rainbow office tel is 2516-9199. 3rd fl, MLC Millennia Plaza, 663 King's Road, North Point. My sales guy is Dannie Ko.

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