I want to ship a guitar from USA to HK cheap



POSTED BY moogkid (10 yrs ago)
I bought a guitar on ebay, but the price I have been given for postage is US$250 for UPS. I don't mind if it takes a bit longer to get here, but I don't think it is worth spending $250 on postage. Is there another option? A friend of mine was going to come from USA to HK and bring it with them, but now has had to cancel the trip. Does anyone know of a cheaper option for postage from USA to HK?


axptguy38 (10 yrs ago)
You could try the US Postal Service. They are normally the cheapest for slow freight. They also have sea freight options that UPS and FedEx do not. It takes 2 months but it sure is cheaper.


moonbear111 (10 yrs ago)
You may have trouble with the US Postal Service and FedEx. I recently tried to ship some bulky but light-weight items from the US to HK and found that USPS and FedEx have eliminated their slow service on shipments under 500 pounds (for security reasons). I never did find a way to do it without spending several hundred dollars for express service. I finally waited until I visited again and brought the stuff as checked luggage -- the extra baggage fee of $75 was much cheaper than the shipping would have been.

JinHK (10 yrs ago)
Also consider whether the guitar can withstand the humidity in the hold of a ship for such a long journey. We shipped one from the UK to Australia a month or so ago and were advised to send it air freight because of this.

It was shipped originally from the USA to UK and air freighted on that journey also on the advice of the maker.

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