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POSTED BY Jyc102189 (10 yrs ago)
Could anyone provide the information for a spa in Shenzen - I was told there is a spa ( free standing building with 4-5 floors offering many different type of services )




evildeeds (10 yrs ago)
There are several spas in SZ and several with a few floors providing different services, Queen's, Maya, Pacific, etc, etc, etc.

SZ is a big city, you will need to be a bit more specific with your request.

Armadillo (10 yrs ago)
Hi evildeeds,

I went to Queens recently, it was fine, but i wasnt overwhelmed. I am looking for a spa which is slightly more serene. Can you describe some of the others you have visited?


evildeeds (10 yrs ago)
Hi Armadillo,

I know what you mean about Queens, I and my friends had a huge argument with them once because the massage was so poor. I actually stopped the massage and walked out. The rest area is always so crowded, people shouting and pushing around and I find it overpriced and far, far overrated. That said the dim sum in the restaurant is superb there and many time we walk across the road from our office to eat lunch.

The problem with Spa's in SZ is that they have been created to deal with the influx of HK'ers who expect different things to us. So real serenity is hard to find. I did enjoy my time in Pacific, which was not rushed, was not too busy and was very friendly. But that was in 2004 and things may have changed. I haven't bothered with a massage in SZ for around 18 month now because I just cannot be bothered there anymore!

Hope this helps!

kerri (9 yrs ago)
I want to go to Club Carnivale. Could you send me details, please?

Highlander (9 yrs ago)
Does anyone knows where is recomended for masage for couple and do they provide private room for couple?

biene (9 yrs ago)
We recently went to a spa in Lok Ma Chau - a few minutes walk from the KCR station there. Very good service, clean and the massage was good - yes, the tips do add up. Itis a 20 minute metro ride from LoWu, but if you do not know the names like me it can be a bit confusing as you have to change trains. Will see if I can find the card and then post name.

190k (9 yrs ago)
Most of the big spas will give free transport to and from Lo Wu and Huanggang. Watch the smaller ones I went for a quick massage on Sunday while waiting for the wife to finish shopping in a spa opposite the Carriana Building in Lo Wu. Got home that night. Next morning had a very itchy rash on my legs. Never had a problem with te big spas they have a reputation to uphold. watch out for Sundays though thye get very busy and you spend a lot of time waiting

qoidnef (8 yrs ago)
My favorite is Queen Spa:

ubiquarian (8 yrs ago)
If you're talking about a free standing building i'm thinking you might mean the Water Cube.

A new (1 -2 year old) building which is located near the Lok Ma Chau border crossing. Have never been but heard from a local that it was good.

cookie09 (8 yrs ago)
Queens spa has unprofessional massage people. I had an arm injury because of unprofessional warming up of the arm before doing a deep tissue massage...grrr

bakfaiyau (8 yrs ago)
Watercube is fine and has a very good rep. You can see it from the Lok Ma Chau station as you go on the walkway to the Shenzhen side. The sign says in part "Spa" and it is a large building on the right hand side as you walk to the Shenzhen customs. It is marked on the fun Map of Shenzhen you can buy at Dymocks IFC, Lyndurst Terrace, Wanchai Harbour Centre etc.

The Luohu ones (eg Queen Spa) are a bit mass market but Watercube is better and the decor is like a hotel.

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