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Posted by kalia 11 yrs ago
I'm following a 10 week detox plan and have to do some enemas in a few weeks, don't want to buy off the internet as there must be some place in Hk that sells enema bags. Anyone know?


Shoe Girl 11 yrs ago
Have you tried Watson's or Mannings? I'm sure they would have them there.

kalia 11 yrs ago
Thanks Sellenger, but so far its quite easy as its a case of i have to do this to get rid of candida.

Shoe Girl, thanks for your reply but i'm not after the medical ones that are already filled with liquid that you can buy in Mannings etc but the actual bag and piping, (that looks like a hotwater bottle) that i have to prepare myself with purefied water and probiotics.

Shoe Girl 11 yrs ago
Kalia, maybe you can phone one of those clinics who do colonic irrigation and ask them. They might be able to help.

kalia 11 yrs ago
Thanks so much for the info, i will check it out,

chancudennec 6 yrs ago
You can get a very high quality enema bag Russka from Germany at SOL Wellness Ltd, 16F tin on Sing Commercial bldg, 41-43 Graham st, Central. www.sol-wellness.com

The bag lasts and accesssories last as they are easy to clean.

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