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POSTED BY JinHK (10 yrs ago)
On the weekend there was an article in the papers or perhaps in the HK Magazine about a new (or fairly new) Restuarant at the top of the Princes building.

We foolishly threw out the papers and now would like to try the restuarant and none of our friends know it either.

I am hoping someone on this forum can give me the name.



Shoe Girl (10 yrs ago)
There is a new restaurant open on the top floor of the Prince's Building. It's called Savva, but pronounced Savour apparently. It's run by HK socialite Bonnie Gokson, the sister of Joyce Ma. I haven't been but my friends went last week and said it was nice but pricey.

JinHK (10 yrs ago)
That's the one - thanks Shoe Girl.

When you say pricey - pricey compared to what? Harlans in IFC for instance?

Digital Blonde (10 yrs ago)
There is a review here

JinHK (10 yrs ago)
Thank you everyone. Will try it over the next week.

julianabonfa (9 yrs ago)
Sevva Restaurant: 852 2537-1388 Its best to make reservations because the place is pretty hip in these days. In the varanda, where you can smoke, you might be able to get a table for drinks, like I did, just before going inside for dinner. Great HSBC view, wonderful HK vibe.

JinHK (9 yrs ago)
Have to book at least a week in advance for lunch so if you are thinking of going there book now!

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