where to buy cheapest bags shoes ang clothes



POSTED BY pinkyRn (10 yrs ago)

it is my first time to go to sz and i would to know where exactly to buy the cheapest but branded bags, clothes and shoes and even walmart shop...plz help me for the location thankz


kjshek (10 yrs ago)
hello pinkyRn,

Just go to Lowu and visit KK shop ( 3rd floor ) for branded quality items or the 5th floor. The sales are very nice. But for good quality bags iit will be a bit costly.

Enjoy shopping!

Highlander (10 yrs ago)
The branded bags are on the 5th floor. The bags are usually kept under closed door. You have to ask them. I iwll be going there sometime in mid of May. If you want to come along, please let me know.

m3sgw (10 yrs ago)

Are the good quality bags in this shopping centre? Have you bought any and if so have they lasted?

kjshek (10 yrs ago)

Yes, i did bought in the 5/f. Actually Im a regular there. They only sell good quality. Im still using the bags up to now... although, i keep on changing for latest style. If your interested, let me know and I will give you the shop no. and contact person.


sk76 (10 yrs ago)
Can you pls post the details of the shop/contact here???

Adonie (9 yrs ago)
A word of warning from a former mainlander... the highest end and most well known designer brands are most likely to fakes, despite how real they look, in fact, are very well copied, and the trick of ?made in China labels (as Europeans now know to spot made in Italy or France as fakes, the producers now exclusively use made in China labels). Chloe, Marc Jacobs, and the like are the most ubiquitous of the fakes in both clothing and bags, for some reason. NEVER pay more for a "designer" than you would for a cute vinyl bag. Remember, if you pay too much, you raise the economic climate for every other non-Asian. What is a fair price where you are from is not a fair price in China.

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