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POSTED BY familyhale (10 yrs ago)
I have a small rock chip in my windshield and am wondering if there is any place here that can seal it before it spreads? ANy other suggestions gor fixing it?



ken132 (10 yrs ago)
you can go to any windshield shop and get it done for a few hundred dollars. some of these shops only have chinese signs, so bring a fried who can read if you cannot.

190k (10 yrs ago)
If it is just a small chip you can buy a DIY repair kit in most car accessories stores and it is quite simple to use.

However, if it is a crack the repair kit won't do any good. If the crack is more than 2 cm long it is dangerous for a subsequent hit and may be illegal so you will have to have the windscreen replaced. If you have fully comprehensive insurance then contact your insurance company they have a simple proceedure for replacement. They fax you a form and a list of windscreen companies. Fill in the form and go to one of the listed companies and they will replace the windscreen within 1 1/2 hours if they have your model in stock. The insurance allows for two replacements in three years without effecting your NCB.

If you don't have fully look up Yau Bong Glass they specialise in windscreens and have several locations throughout HK

familyhale (10 yrs ago)
Thanks so much...I will try the insurance route on Tuesday!

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