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POSTED BY Geckochels (10 yrs ago)
My mother in-law is visiting for three weeks and managed to brake her ankle on her second day here. Does anyone know where I could rent a wheelchair? I know Hong Kong is not very wheelchair friendly, but she just gets too tired cruching around. I really don't want to be house bound with her for the next 3 weeks. Any suggestions would be great!

Thanks =)


Digital Blonde (10 yrs ago)
Have you tried the private hospitals, I don't know if this would be of any assistance now, but when my aunt came to Hong Kong in the early eighties we used one from The Adventist Hospital, but she had also come for a consultation with them. I have also broken my leg in the past and have always been given crutches from the hospital directly maybe the hospital you visited would extend that too wheelchairs as well.

cara (10 yrs ago)
i have one i'd be happy to lend. i'll be on hk island tomorrow afternoon. where could i meet you?

cd (10 yrs ago)
The public hospitals have wheelchair clinics where you can loan wheelchairs.

There are also many shops around where you can buy them, some basic models aren't too expensive.

bed in hkg (9 yrs ago)
cara you really are lovely!

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