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POSTED BY bitties (9 yrs ago)
Does anyone know of a motorbike shop in HK Island? Need to buy a new helmet.


Mac-010 (9 yrs ago)
Hmm, dont know any on HK island but i usually purchase from a shop in Tokwawan, close to old airport. Very big selection of racing to cruiser helmets. Also got gloves, jackets etc etc.

I would recommend a trip over there to check it out; lots of fun stuff for you and bike.

Its 5 minute walk from ferry coming in to Kowloon City (from North Point). Forgot name now; maybe someone can help ?.

axptguy38 (9 yrs ago)
There are several motorbike shops on Caroline Hill Road, at the Northeastern nd.

Mac-010 (9 yrs ago)
They are not good for helmets though....

A shop on the flower market (middle of it all) sell Shoei; most models and sizes....

dbg (9 yrs ago)
I bought my Shoei Helmet from Kelly Motors on Caroline Hill Road. They might have the full range, but you should certainly be able to find some of the models there.

dfc (9 yrs ago)
Moto Den next to Man Wai Motorcycles in Shau Kei Wan

Suomy Helmets i think

dfc (9 yrs ago)

The shop you mention is MotoMart, but it has moved


better selection if you go over to kowloon

Motomart has many makes

ARAI agent is Hung Hing

HJC agent is Sanwa

Both are on Junction Road in Kowloon City

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