Drooling - 20 months



POSTED BY honeypie (9 yrs ago)

My LO is almost 21 months and still uses around 5+ bibs a day bec of drooling. All teeth are out except the last molars up and down.

Everytime i see his pedia, i ask about it and she said it's normal as he is also starting to talk.

I feel that he is the only one of his age wearing a bib.

Anyone had experienced on this? thanks.


axptguy38 (9 yrs ago)
I would say it is normal. Kids vary widely and just because the average kid has already stopped doesn't mean your kid is abnormal.

Drooling is considered normal until 24 months, at which point it should taper off. Over 4 is considered quite abnormal. So don't worry quite yet.

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