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POSTED BY mmsG (9 yrs ago)
I am a naturalized chinese, holding HKSAR passport. I have applied for home return permit card 3 months before. But still waiting.

I called CTS many times and their answer is 'Not Ready' , 'Dont know when will be ready'.

But at the same time the born-as-Chinese can get in 10 days.

Can anyone know why its like?



gdbill (9 yrs ago)
Mainland authorities are probably not processing these documents for people in your category now with preparations for the Olympics. They've also stopped processing permanent residence applications.

mmsG (9 yrs ago)
What do you mean, gdbill?? I dint apply for any permanent residence.

For details abt Home Return Permit, pls explore http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_Return_Permit



evildeeds (9 yrs ago)
gdbill said the problems with Home Return Permit are the same as those for Permanent Resident applications. They are both suffering because of the Olympics. He did not say you were applying for Permanent Residence - he does know what a Home Return Permit is!

gdbill (9 yrs ago)
mmsG, please read posts carefully. :roll:

mmsG (9 yrs ago)
Applying Home Return Permit is definitely not same as applying China's permanent resident. Both are completely different processes. Would like to stress that only HK & MACAC SAR Chinese can apply for Home Return Permit whereas the foreigners who lives in China meet the Chinese govt. requirement can apply China Permanent resident(http://english.gov.cn/2005-08/29/content_27379.htm). My concern is why there is difference between born-as-Chinese and naturalized Chinese. By law both are Chinese and law should apply same to both.

evildeeds (9 yrs ago)
Arrrrgghh! I think something is definitely missing in the reading of the thread here! We have said they are different! Please read carefully.

Remember born as Chinese are Chinese citizens by birth and that is easily proved, my daughters took only a few days. For those that naturalise the process takes time as they need to prove your naturilisation and prove your link to Chinese family. This process can take a long time, home return permits are not just handed out, those without links to Chinese family will not get one.

dadamax (9 yrs ago)
I am in the same/similar predicament. Have just been naturalized as a Chinese national however am not being issued the home return permit. How does one travel to China in this scenario? Get a Visa??

mmsG (9 yrs ago)

Have you apply for home return permit in CTS? For my case, its been 5 months and still not ready to collect. And no other mean to travel to China other than this card. This is really stupid.

dadamax (9 yrs ago)

No. I havent even got my HKSAR passport yet. Because of this very problem. If I can't go to China it severely disrupts my work.

evildeeds (9 yrs ago)
LGMV - it's slightly different for someone who has taken on Chinese nationality as opposed to someone who was born with Chinese nationality and is considered a Chinese national. My daughter is the same as yours, a few days and that's it. But the China government see's her as a Chinese national by virtue of birth.

The prerequisite before for the back home pass was that you had to be related to someone who was in China (Chinese), easy if you are born a national - harder if you are not. This has been relaxed but they are not handing out back home passes to those not born Chinese very easily.

dadamax (9 yrs ago)
deeds....the question then would be if one was not issued a home return permit then what would their alternative be when it comes to traveling to China?

evildeeds (9 yrs ago)
Very simple. They cannot. There are many HK Chinese who have been refused a home return permit and cannot travel to China. Remember the Home Return Permit is not a given even for local born Chinese.

mmsG (9 yrs ago)
Still waiting for 'Home Return Card'. Its more than 6 months now. CTS is always helpless.

lace (9 yrs ago)
I applied for n APEC card in April - all APEC but one participant gave approval, China approval is still pending.

mmsG (9 yrs ago)
Are there anyone still waiting for "HomeReturnPermit"?

babswymak (9 yrs ago)
I am born "Chinese" as my parents are HK Chinese therefore should have no problem in recognizing my Chinese link.

However, CTS look at my HKID and immediately can see I am born overseas (i was born in England) and deny my application for home return permit. How come?

evildeeds (9 yrs ago)
lace - China approval for APEC can take up to 2 years. Be patient!

babswymak - do you hold UK passport or have you renounced nationality and received a HK passport?

lace (9 yrs ago)
What!!! The APEC card is only valid for 3 years... - maybe a 3 year visa is the best idea after all.

babswymak (9 yrs ago)
Evildeeds - I hold an UK passport. Should I apply for HK passport to get my home return permit? However, is it possible to keep my UK passport even after getting the HK passport?

evildeeds (9 yrs ago)
Yes you cannot get a Home Return permit if you only hold a UK passport. You will need to get a visa to enter China. You can apply for a HK passport, whether you'd need to renounce your British nationality is something you'd need to discuss with HK immigration.

dadamax (9 yrs ago)
Didn't Mr. Zeman just get his card?

mmsG (9 yrs ago)
Yes. Mr. Zeman got it and showed to the media.


dadamax (9 yrs ago)
I wonder if his money has anything to do with that!?

manu71 (9 yrs ago)
i am waiting for my home return permit too. i applied for it last week, and since then i have been calling the cts office and everyday they keep replying that they dont have a answer yet. its really surprising that its so difficult for a HKSAR passport holder to travel to china. I mean they are not saying how long will it take. so do does one travel to china.

mmsG (9 yrs ago)
I got my home return permit after waited for 7+ months. After a series of calls and lobby with CTS and HKIMMD for last 2 weeks, finally the effort works perfect.

Those who are naturalized Chinese and waiting long for the China card and no proper reply from CTS, Please make strong complain to the HK Immigration. It will make them to seriously look on this.

evildeeds (9 yrs ago)
What will calling HK immigration actually do? You are dealing with PRC immigration not HK. All HK immigration will do is say they will help to get you off of the phone!

JosephineUK (9 yrs ago)
HK Passport

To: =)

Sent: March 2/09 10:20AM


I was born in the UK and have a UK Passport. I moved over here last year and am also a HK permanent resident (My parents are from HK originally)

I have a question and would be very greatful for anyone who will be able to advise me on this or has experience in this field.

I would like to apply for a HK Passport. But someone said to me in order to do this, I am required to give up my UK passport. Is this true?

Many thanks

josephx (5 yrs ago)
hmm.. should foreign countries start ban China from exporting their goods? Maybe we should! :p all Made in China products should be sold just within China

malka (5 yrs ago)
HKSAR passport - you are not supposed to hold another passport (as no dual citizenship allowed), but no one will know if you keep old one. To be safe, check with them.

If you go to China on home return permit, you will not get consular protection from your original country's embassy.

Loyd Grossman is Miss Venezuela (5 yrs ago)
josephineuk. If you are ethnically Chinese and your parents were born in HK then just apply. Just don't mention the UK passport and don't forget a lot of HKSAR passport holders have foreign passports. My mixed kids have both HKSAR and UK but they were born here.

Linhk (5 yrs ago)
I have an HKSAR passport, (+ 2 other passports but I think that is irrelevant?) and permanent HK ID card. I was born in HK and I am ethnically Chinese so I would like to have a go at applying for the Home Return Permit.

I went to CTS in Central and have looked at the CTS website and it appears everything related to this application is conducted in Chinese (which I don't really speak or read). Have I missed the English version on the website or is there any kind of agent who can help English speakers apply for the Home Return Permit? Also I read somewhere there was a hefty cost associated. Is this true? (I would be expecting a typical admin style fee). Thx

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