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POSTED BY Highlander (9 yrs ago)
I am holding a foreign passport and a HK Resident ID Card. Do I have to get VISA at the Chinese Office in HK, or could I get a VISA at the immigration at Lowu?


diqiuren (9 yrs ago)
Who wrote that,"You can't get Visa at Lowu its shutdown till Olympics"? You just go to Luohu, and ask for the Visa. If they knock you back, come back later and try again. Most people get one straight up, but they have bad hair days too. Best to go when it's busy, around 9 to 10AM.

lace (9 yrs ago)
... and the visa office in Lowu is most certainly open!

SKDL (9 yrs ago)
The safest & easiest way is to get your/a HK travel agent to get you a visa (I did it this week). They'll arrange the required travel & accommodation vouchers. No drama.

kjshek (9 yrs ago)
Yes, its definitely open.... my friend just got one yesterday.

Ria (9 yrs ago)
Any idea if the visa at lo wu will be still open after 8th august. I have family coming on 8th and will be here for 2 weeks to visit hk and they would like to visit shenzhen.

lace (9 yrs ago)
Your family will not be able to get a visa in Lowu - unless they are Hong Kong residents.

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