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POSTED BY Shoe Girl (9 yrs ago)
I have some furniture in reasonably good condition which I would like to donate to a local charity rather than going through the exercise of advertising it for sale, etc. Can anyone please recommend a local charity I can donate it to?


kaileyb (9 yrs ago)
I had this problem earlier in the year. Salvation Army and a lot of other charities won't take donations of furniture. I remember Crossroads will, but unless you can drop off to them, the waiting list for pick up can be up to 6 weeks or more. There was a charity recommended by The Community Advice Bureau ( can't remember the name, just that it began with "R". They were able to come and pick up relatively quickly (within the same week) but they insisted on a sizable cash "donation" (plus you have to pay their tunnel fees from Yuen Long), on top of your furniture and refused to come out unless you agreed. I found that rather distasteful for a charity and told them so. I ended up having to scrap all my furniture. Hope you have better luck.

Shoe Girl (9 yrs ago)
Thank you for your suggestions. I will contact the Citizens Advice Bureau. Thanks, KaileyB.

Taylor12 (9 yrs ago)
Kaileyb the charity is Remar, ( which funds shelters for socially disadvantaged people. I've donated to them in the past and found them to be really nice people, and they DON'T insist that you give them a donation for the petrol, but only make a request for it. And actually, I think it's fair that they ask for a donation to cover petrol and tunnel fees, personally. They have volunteers that come along and load up the stuff, and they give you a receipt for the donation too.

kaileyb (9 yrs ago)
Taylor12, I'm glad you had a better experience than I did with Remar. However, after my initial email to them, detailing the items I had to donate, along with photographs, I got a very long and snooty email back from them saying how they can't possibly know if they can come to collect my furniture unless I give them a detailed list (WTF?) and telling me that "most people" give a cash donation of "at least $500". I had already offered them a cash donation ($300) and to pay for their tunnel fees in my first email, so to get an email essentially saying my offer was not good enough was offensive. I also thought the furniture (which was all in great condition and valued at several thousand dollars) was a donation in itself.

I've donated furniture and applicances to other charities before when I lived overseas and was never asked for a cash donation as well.

dpsoligo (9 yrs ago)
Remar does INSIST on a cash donation! I had some very nice things that I wanted to donate, well worth several thousands of dollars, and they would drop by for less than $750. Very disgusting indeed!

Yunsong (7 yrs ago)
Remar made an appointment with us to pick up our stuff and when we phoned to ask why no one had shown up, we were told that they couldn't find anyone to come by. When I phoned later, the guy who runs the place lied to me about the discussion he had had with my wife and hung up on me. A VERY dodgy outfit indeed.

Saddiqka (3 yrs ago)
TheCitizens Advice Bureau works. I have donated a coffee table in 2013. It's a solid wood square table bought at Stockroom Furniture Outlet ( ).
I will also donate another sofa this year. It's a good way to help people and refresh apartment.

beezeebody (3 yrs ago)

Try these:
Chu Kong Plan, founded in 2007, is a registered non-profit charitable organization in Hong Kong. Our mission is to support the disadvantaged, which includes the elderly, poor families and children, as well as patients suffering from chronic illnesses.
Also, we freely distribute the donation items (including furniture, electrical items, clothes, stationery, toys etc) to people in need, or resell them to the public through our second hand shop and the net proceeds will go to our other community services.

<<Only Chinese contact details available>>

電郵: (一般/回收事宜) (二手店事宜)
2247 5988 (一般查詢)
2331 8108 (回收查詢)
2307 8418
9521 1192 (回收部)
6694 3660 (二手店)
Flat C2 & C4, 6/F, Block C, Tuen Mun Industrial Centre, 2 San Ping Circuit, Tuen Mun, N.T.

曙光二手傢俬家品店 Chu Kong 2nd Hand Furniture and Houseware Shop
地址 :新界屯門新平街2號屯門工業中心C座6樓C2及C4室
Address : Flat C2 & C4, 6/F, Block C, Tuen Mun Industrial Centre, 2 San Ping Circuit, Tuen Mun
電話 Tel : 2247 5988
Whatsapp : 6694 3660
傳真 Fax : 2307 8418
電郵Email :
營業時間 : 早上10時至下午6時30分 (星期一至六)
早上10時至下午5時 (星期日及公眾假期)
Opening Hours : Mon to Sat - 10 am ~ 6:30 pm
Sun & Public Holiday - 10 am ~ 5 pm


Where to Donate?
You can donate at any of our Family Stores during opening hours or deposit them into The Salvation Army Recycling Bins located across Hong Kong and Macau.

Family Stores Locations (see above link)

Pick-up Service
Alternatively, you can contact our Recycling Hotline to arrange pick up service for donation of large quantity, e.g. 5 large bags of clothings, or heavy item e.g. TV set, washing machine, fridge, large musical instruments, etc. Please notify us at least 1-2 weeks in advance to allow our logistics arrangement.
*Pick-up service is not available for building without elevator.

Contact Us
Hong Kong
Recycling Hotline: (852) 2332 4433 (Mon to Fri 9am – 6pm / Sat 9am – 5pm)
Fax: (852) 2332 4411
Address: 7/F Tat Ming Industrial Building, 44-52 Ta Chuen Ping Street, Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong

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