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POSTED BY dizzyhytes (9 yrs ago)
I would like to buy a TomTom GPS as it would be easier to drive in and around Kowloon and HK, given the road signage is less than perfect, and one can go blind trying to read the mass of tiny English and Chinese words squashed into the road map I bought.

Can anyone advise where to get one and how much it would cost?




onemorething (9 yrs ago)
Don't think TomTom does Asian maps yet.

dizzyhytes (9 yrs ago)
Thanks, didn't know that. Can you recommend a GPS system is the most basic but has a user friendly interface, and is in English? Is there one which is portable and doesn't have to be fixed in the car and I can carry it around with me?

macgarraidh (9 yrs ago)
I have a TomTom with Hong Kong English maps on it. I bought the machine on the web from the UK and downloaded the map from TomTom Australia as they don't have a Hong Kong page - odd as they are selling maps for the place. Also I had to pay GST (VAT). I use it to get to back streets in Kowloon or Fan Ling but would not use it for everyday navigation as it is full of flaws. An example - if I want to drive from Sai Kung to Hong Kong Island unless I programme it to go via the Eastern Tunnel it will try to take me through the "Old" tunnel. On the return it tells me to take the second exit at a roundabout which would take me into Silverstrand rather than Clear Water Bay Road....!

Mrs R (9 yrs ago)
I bought our Tom Tom GPS here in Hong Kong from the web site www.expansys.com.hk then bought the Hong Kong english maps from Map King online. If I can remember right the system cost around $1500 and it works great, it does take a little getting use to though.

macgarraidh (9 yrs ago)
I bought mine from expansys.com.hk too but the TomTom had to be sent from the UK with UK maps downloaded. I them bought TomTom maps on line as I did not realise that MapKing can work on my machine.Please tell me more Mrs R.

dizzyhytes (9 yrs ago)
Hi everyone, thanks for the replies. Mrs R, I checked with MapKing and they claim their software doesn't work on TomTom. Does yours work fine?

Mrs R (9 yrs ago)
Hi dizzyhytes, my husband has reminded me that we had problems with the map king software and couldn't download it, so we then purchased a Hong Kong map from Tom Tom UK and that works fine. Sorry for the conflicting information but it was quite a while ago.

F100 (9 yrs ago)
I heard that GPS is not worth buying if you are planning on using it around Hong Kong Island.

This is because you can't get a signal because of the high buildings.

dizzyhytes (9 yrs ago)
Mrs R and F100, thanks a lot for your information!

frenchfries (8 yrs ago)
is it not worth getting a GPS in hk still?

axptguy38 (8 yrs ago)
It can be quite hard to get a signal. Also, the Island is a rather small place so you tend to learn the routes you need.

frenchfries (8 yrs ago)
what about the new territories or kowloon??

gixer (8 yrs ago)
Hi All, it's all not true about weak signals. I have used Tomtom and now a Garmin GPS unit and the signal has never been a problem even in Central on a rainy day.

I highly recommend it if you are driving in Hong Kong, I brought both of mine over from Australia then bought the Hong Kong maps online, both Tomtom and Garmin have maps of Hong Kong. I believe the Garmin maps are more accurate, although I haven't tried the update one from Tomtom yet, but I'm tempted because I prefer the routing on the Tomtom.

Hope this helps.


dizzyhytes (8 yrs ago)
Michael and Mr H, thanks for the advice.

Mr H, will go to Wanchai CC but do you remember which model you bought, approx price etc? I have no idea how much I should expect to pay so I don't get ripped off.


Hemmo (8 yrs ago)
Has anybody found TomTom or any other solution with HKG maps that would work on mobile phone?

I used this solution (TomTom) in Europe and it was great, as the phone is always with me. Works in car, while walking, biking etc...

gixer (8 yrs ago)
If you are running Windows mobile on your phone, you can buy Tom Tom navigator 7, you can download the HKG maps for that also, it works a treat. If you're on a blackberry, Garmin has an app with HKG maps, but its more expensive.

hope its helps


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