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POSTED BY Cali-Girl (9 yrs ago)
Does anyone know where I can take West Coast Swing dance lessons in Hong Kong?


Ed (9 yrs ago)
Moved to living in hk

atlasbound (5 yrs ago)
Hi, is this post still active at all? I'm not moving back to HK but I visit on a semi regular basis (I tend to have a yearly visit to see my family). I'm an all-star level dancer and I do teach WCS. I'm available for lessons if you'd like. I'm also looking for any social dancing I can find while I'm there this year around Thanksgiving time.


ecareken (5 yrs ago)
Ceroc is popular here and growing

ceciliachan (4 yrs ago)
Hi Atlasbond, are you still coming to HK regularly? I want to learn west coast swing and there is NO lessons available in the whole city! can you believe that? I started learning latin and standard dances last year at california and I wish to get into social as well, can you help?

atlasbound (4 yrs ago)
Hi! Sorry, I've been away from the message boards for a while. I just recently booked plane tickets for Hong Kong for Dec 1 - 14. I will be in Japan from Dec 4 - 10, but I will be free for private lessons and workshops on any of the other days. My schedule's wide open as I have no solid plans at the moment. Let me know! I'd love to work with you. I hope the wcs scene starts growing a bit more out there.

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