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POSTED BY henc (9 yrs ago)
I am planning to let my baby try Holle organic goat milk. Does any of your baby drink it? Any comment on this milk? Does your baby like it? Thank you.


neenib (9 yrs ago)
My baby is on goat milk, not Holle but Karihome. I put him on it at 8 weeks and we have not looked back! I had major difficulties with breastfeeding we first tried normal cow milk formula and it did not sit right with him. Once we changed to goat milk, I had a different baby. Goat milk is much gentler on baby's tummy. My lactation consultant also recommended to go with goat milk.

I breastfed my first baby for 13 months and then we weened over to fresh goat milk (in Australia). She is now fine with cow milk but as a first changeover it was great.

I highly recommend goat milk, it doesn't have to be organic unless you specifically want organic of course. Karihome is made in Singapore and they are linked with Karicare in Australia so very safe and it's widely available in Taste and Dispensaries.

pm me if you want more info.

301 (9 yrs ago)
my baby drinks Holle goat milk and it works good to him. Agree with neenib that goat milk is much gentler to the digesting system. This is also a reason why i choose goat milk. The reason I chose Holle is because it is organic. But you need to be careful , the price can be very different in different places. I bought mine at around $19x, but i saw the same one at other shop selling at $26x. $70 difference and it is a lot when you drink this milk everyday.......

neenib (9 yrs ago)
Agree with you 301, there is a HUGE price difference. Goat milk is more expensive than regular cow milk formula. In supermarkets they are $290 and at the Dispensary we only pay $240, so a $50 difference.

henc (9 yrs ago)
Thank you very much for all of your advice. I think I might go for goat milk. But one more question -

neenib mentioned $240 for non-organic goat milk and 301 said $19x for organic ones. May I know how many grams are you referring and where can I buy it?

Thank you.

neenib (9 yrs ago)
I know you can buy the organic one at Bumps 2 Babes, but I'm not sure of the size or hence the price difference. We pay $240 for a 900gram tin. Hopefully 301 can let us know, otherwise it might be a matter of checking it out on the shelves. If I see it, I'll let you know.

301 (9 yrs ago)
Hello, the Holle goat milk is 400g. I bought mine at Mother Organic in Central. But it is also available in other places, such as City Super, 360, B2B and few organic shops. You can look around and compare the prices. Good luck.

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