Rubbish bin for outdoors -



POSTED BY Meeshak (9 yrs ago)
O dear -

seems simple enough yet i cannot find an outdoor garbage bin for my rubbish. have yet to find someone who can point me in the right direction - anyone with inside information????


4G (9 yrs ago)
Wing On have a huge collection and very reasonably priced .....seen somein Pricerite stores also

Meeshak (9 yrs ago)

will try wing on -

thx so much for the tip off

incidently, where are 'pricerite' stores located? i live on sth side of hk.

4G (9 yrs ago)
Wanchai and there is 1 even in Causeway bay near Ikea, in the small area where there is Sasa and broadway ,sorry dont know the street name

Meeshak (9 yrs ago)
No, sadly all these stores offer only the smaller indoor type rubbish bins.

I'm needing the outdoor style, standard with lift off lid for disposing of large full rubbish bags.

Surely they must be somewhere ?

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