The Best Chocolate Cake in Hong Kong



POSTED BY salepepe (9 yrs ago)
Anyone have any ideas where I can find one? I need to get one for my best friends' birthday and thats the only kind she will have =)


RA (9 yrs ago)
Thats quite a tall order..since everyone has a different preference. I personally like the Chocolate cake at Mandarin Cake shop

tcpanayi (9 yrs ago)
Sheraton Cake Shop!

ldsllvn (9 yrs ago)
Mandarin hands down but be prepared it is going to cost you - i ordered a carrot cake for my kids bday - something like 4lbs and it was nearly Hk$2,000

4G (9 yrs ago)
Salepepe , my 13 yr old son and I love to bake and would be happy to bake 1 for you

Have sent you a pm with more details

deaire (9 yrs ago)
There is this Brazilian lady in Discovery bay that make fantastic cakes by order for special occasions!

I have some done there and was great

Shoe Girl (9 yrs ago)
I always get my chocolate cakes made from Vanilla in Mosque Street, Mid-Levels. The owner used to work as a pastry chef in a big hotel. They have chocolate mud cake as well as chocolate mousse cake and definitely much cheaper (and just as good as) the Mandarin cake shop.

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