Planning a Stag weekend - HK or Macau Advice pls



POSTED BY Moray2 (8 yrs ago)

I'm planning a stag weekend for October. I'm looking to do it in either Hong Kong or Macao, but I can't decide which is better!!

I'm based in HK, so I would prefer Macao as it'll be a change, but I don't know what there is there apart from the casinos..

Please help me...


gerry101101 (8 yrs ago)
I've sent a msg to your account.

HKArchie (8 yrs ago)
I had a bachelor pty last month in Macau. No reason, just a few guys going to let off steam, play on the tables and jump off the Macau Tower ha! It's a cracking place to go for a stag do - and the food is good there too. It's also much cheapert than Hong Kong if youre out and about. I used a company that organises these kind of parties in Macau, and they were very good - basically they organise everything so you just turn up. Their webs is

I'm planning another one for next month. Message me if you need any help.

Ed (8 yrs ago) Some good advice at the bottom of that page

Moray2 (8 yrs ago)
Thanks for the advice everyone, it certainly looks like Macau is the best destination...

nevster (8 yrs ago)
Hello Mate

I had my stag in Macau about 3 months ago. Macau has a combination of the usual bar but also some decent clubs.

We went go karting but honestly i thought the quality of the karts was below standard considering the cost.

If you are your mates are all based in HK i would recommend Macua. No point pumping into other people when you are on a stag. You guys need to be somewhere where no one can see you.

Also Oct is exhibition season in HK. So LKF is full of suits

If you wanna know the places we went to let me know

I hope this helps

ajh260471 (8 yrs ago)
Both or great locations for a Stag Weekend in Asia. Have you heard of Ludi Weekends? They organise Stag Weekends in Asia and I think offer packages for Stag Weekends in Singapore, Bali, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. Some friends of mine had their Stag Weekend Ludi Weekends in Bali and said it was one of the best Stag Weekends they had been on. I've heard they are good and give great service. I think the website is Good luck organising your stag weekend.

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