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POSTED BY HK2006 (8 yrs ago)
Hi! I need some help on this one.

I am trying to go to China with my baby for vac. She is born in HK and because I am Chinese, but not holding a US passport, she was granted Right of Abode.

China Embassy is not giving her a China Visa b/c she is holding the Right of Abode.

HK Immigration is telling me to apply for a SAR Passport, but will not guarantee she will be granted a Home Return Permit.

With out China Visa or the Home Return Permit she is not able to enter China.

Any advice?

For now, I have applied for SAR Passport. Any idea how long that will take? I will also go to the China Embassy myself, been going through an agent, and see if that makes a difference. Any other sugg?

I am running out of time, as I need this by xmas. Any advice will be appreciated!


evildeeds (8 yrs ago)
Firstly to be able to leave HK your baby will need a passport of some sort. It's not enough just to show the ID card, the baby must have a passport. Getting out of HK without one is next to impossible.

Secondly it does seem a lot of rules in regard to return home permits have been tightened and, yes, your baby will need an HKSAR passport to be able to get one. However the process is very quick, she'll be applying for both an ID card and passport at the same time. Once you have this then the home return permit takes just a few days.

You're right, HK immigration cannot guarantee a home return permit as it has nothing to do with them. China immigration is entirely a different beast.

I've done this for two of my kids now with no problems whatesoever.

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