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POSTED BY HK777 (8 yrs ago)

I'm looking for a gaming headset for Xbox 360, like a Turtle Beach or Tritton but cannot find a website that will deliver to Hong Kong.

Does anybody know a store or website in Hong Kong that I could purchase one from?

Thank You


axptguy38 (8 yrs ago)
Go to Wan Chai Computer Centre and look around. Wan Chai MTR Exit A4.

The store Foresoon on the first floor has a good selection for example.

HK777 (8 yrs ago)
Thanks axptguy. I'll give it a shot this weekend.

axptguy38 (8 yrs ago)
I would add that online shopping is not very big in HK. You're better off hunting it down.

HK777 (8 yrs ago)
Had a look in SSP last night, no look, everyone just thought I wanted the original Headset. I'll try Wan Chai on the weekend. Anymore ideas? Website would be perfect.


axptguy38 (8 yrs ago)
Yes it would be. But a typical HK computer shop website is incomplete, unorganized and in Chinese. ;)

Golden Arcade where you were is geek central. WCCC is smaller. Then again it is all about finding the right stores and the right people. You'll have to hunt a bit I'm afraid.

The more console oriented center is 188 Centre on 188 Wan Chai Road. Perhaps there? Also in the same area you have 298 ComputerZone on 298 Hennessy Road.

HK777 (8 yrs ago)
Thanks, I'll give them a go. Just hunting round on the net now with no luck :(

Its driving me crazy that they offer so much online retailers for US/UK but zero for Hong Kong/international.

Anyway I'll just hope Wan Chai has them.

axptguy38 (8 yrs ago)
Heh. Yeah I find it very ironic that in the US I can buy most anything, down to very specialized and obscure components, with a google search and a credit card, while in HK I have to hunt and often not find. The irony being that a lot of the stuff is made quite close to here...

HK777 (8 yrs ago)
Exactly! Its quite annoying. We should start a good online tech store. It must be in demand.

axptguy38 (8 yrs ago)
The problem with that plan, I fear, lies in the way the locals seem to shop. They like to hang out and talk in the store with an expert.

In the US, before online there were already superstores. So the shopping experience was already less personal than in HK. Online was just one further step.

The thing is, once you find the good electronics shops, the service is great. The staff in many of the places in the WCCC is remarkably knowledgeable about their products. They run circles around your average Best Buy clerk.

Some shining examples from the WCCC:

- Hung, the shop manager at Foresoon, a generalist computer/networking shop.

- Kiffen at A Class Computer, a computer component shop.

- The guys at Hightech Computer, a small storage specialty shop.

Between those three, I'll find 99% of what I am looking for. The only stuff they don't have is really specialized cooling stuff. For that, you have to go to the specialty shop on the top floor of 298 Center. They have all your Silverstone, Zalman and Thermalright.

HK777 (8 yrs ago)
Good point, I suppose it is more go out and shop for it style here, I think its the same for holidays also, almost everybody in my office still books their trips threw a travel agent where as every trip I've booked for years now has been with a left click.

Anyway thanks for the advice on the tech heads, that could come in helpful.

axptguy38 (8 yrs ago)
I hear you about the trips. And on that note you should try, a local website that aggregates search results from different airlines/hotels/etc. The local equivalent of

HK777 (8 yrs ago)
yeah I have used that site. Your a one-stop-shop for info sir.


Ken A (8 yrs ago)
I've been looking for the same headsets, I've pretty much been to everywhere I can think of and nobody seems to do anything other than PC headsets or the original rubbish headsets.

I've pretty much come to the conclusion that my best bet is to either get my brother to get it for me from the UK and ship over, or to try my luck on ebay... the only issue with ebay is that last time I tried it the Hong Kong version was only in Chinese....

Todge (8 yrs ago)
A fairly decent - by HK standards - online site that's in English is

They've just started a new gaming section as well.

I've used them a few times to get stuff not easily sourced through the computer centres and have been happy with their service.

For most items, you'll pay a bit more than the comp centres, but there are some pretty good deals on there from time to time.

tigerbay (8 yrs ago)
Forgive my ignorance, what is different/special about a gaming headset?

axptguy38 (8 yrs ago)
My guess is that it plugs directly into the controller, or wirelessly to the console.

HK777 (8 yrs ago)
I ended up going with ebay, it is being shipped from USA so 10 days for delivery. I went to Wan Chai but with no luck in any of the centres.

Ken A (8 yrs ago)
@ tigerbay... the headsets above (the ones that are 360 compatible) not only give you game sound, but they also need to give you the ability to chat to other gamers. Microsoft only does headsets for the 360 that allow you to chat to other gamers, which means you would still need an alternative source for game sound (such as your tv or surround sound system).

What's great about the Turtle Beach ones is that they have impressive surround sound (the new ones have up to 7 speakers in each headphone. It also allows you to game at night or during times when other are watching something else for example.

HK777 (8 yrs ago)
@Ken A I managed to get a Turtlebeach X41 with delivery to HK for 145 US. Not cheap but ok if you want to buy yourself I Christmas gift.

Ken A (8 yrs ago)
Thanks... just currently checking to see how expensive they are in UK... can get my brother to ship it out to me then

tigerbay (8 yrs ago)
Thanks Ken

I understand now.

HK777 (8 yrs ago)
@Yep - you can get the 120 HDD from SSP Golden Centre or HMV usually have them also but you will pay more there.

HK777 (8 yrs ago)
Headset arrived today from the US, its a whole new gaming experience! Call of duty is crazy! You can here footsteps sneaking up on you, it's great online and th mic is perfect, I recommend. Thanks for the tech shopping advice peeps

preciousss (7 yrs ago)
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