Cheap dentist for maid



POSTED BY pmc (8 yrs ago)
Anyone know of a cheaper dentist for my maid to go to on HK Island.


&&& (8 yrs ago)
Why must it be only on HK island esp when we have MTR ?

HK Island rent is one of the highest in the world. Same calibre of dentist costs more, just because of rents.

There is a Govt Dental behind Ruttonjee Hospital. That's all I know. Maybe others can give you the link.

DMFT (8 yrs ago)
Send her to prince philip dental hospital - teaching hospital. since they are a teaching hospital they may not accept all cases, but they are definitely cheapest in town. Each visit is 45 HKD + registration fee of 200-300 HKD. However, if she is accepted as a patient at the hospital, she will have to allocate a significant amount of time during weekdays 9-12 or 2-5 to get treatment by the students since it is a teaching hospital.

Also there may be a considerably long wait (3-6 months) for starting treatment depending on what she needs.

pmc (8 yrs ago)
Many thanks for the info, all Govt clinics have a long waiting time so doesn't really offer a good service even though it's cheap. I will still try to find a private dentist that can offer an appointment within a week or two that is inexpensive enough to be mostly covered by the employee insurance coverage.

a-mann (8 yrs ago)
My dentist is fantastic - Australian-trained, great guy, best dentist I've ever had, and he doesn't charge an arm and a leg. SAy around 400 fora clean, 800 for a drill, 1200 for wisdom tooth removal/

Lawrence Luk in Causeway Bay, 2577 8865.

Go on, go the extra mile for your maid. Maids have feelings too :)

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