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POSTED BY stickybeak (8 yrs ago)
Does anyone know where I can get (or have made) a lift up storage bed. The type with a hydraulic mechanism.



Spooz (8 yrs ago)
Seen them in GOD but pricey

Shylok (8 yrs ago)
Go and take a look at the classifieds "home furnishings" and "free" section. There are plenty. You can also walk into any custom made furniture shop and have one done exactly to your dimensions and material. It's done in china so you'll need to check quality of their work and materials used. I got one about 4 years ago and it's poorly made so some parts have come off...and the hydraulic mechanism is dead.

alphalau (8 yrs ago)
If your key is hydraulic and functional with cheap price but not so choosy in design, the best place is DSC (Causeway Bay - 15/F, Windsor House, opposite Ikea). The one which is least ugly is the PERO bed, which I bought. The standard double, which is 4.5 feet wide, is around HKD1750-HKD1790. Make sure you ask the sales people what the cheapest price is as the list price is higher than that.

A reasonably-priced yet quality mattress to go with it would be the Airland 9001 from the same shop.

DSC is definitely cheapest (and I have been to all sorts of shops) for everything they have on sale there, furniture and appliances, except for the Panasonic brand. They even sell brands and models that are not on display because of a limitation of space, but ask them and they can looks up on their list.

If you are on the Kowloon side, they are near Jordan MTR. Google DSC Hong KOng for their exact address.

alphalau (8 yrs ago)
Oh don't order from China. I have a friend who ordered from China at CNY1800 which is actually more costly than my DSC bed. The hydraulic mechanism did not work from day 1, and he had no one to turn to to complain (try complaining in China), since the delivery people were just delivery people which are unrelated ot the shop.

AT least with DSC< although the stuff is also made in China, you ahve a big company to complain to and who would follow up with installation etc.

stickybeak (8 yrs ago)
Thanks very much for the advice!

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