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POSTED BY Leli07 (7 yrs ago)
My 14 year old daughter would like to change her name, for personal reasons.

What are the legal procedures? How much would it cost?

Any help will be great appreciated


cookie09 (7 yrs ago)
go to a lawyer and make a deed of poll. then take this to immigration tower to have the name on her passport changed (assuming you are a HK passport holder).

ps: i understood it's not that expensive but you would have to check with the lawyer

cookie09 (7 yrs ago)
"You may just go to the immigration tower and fill the form, it costs HKD 500. You do not have to find a lawyer to do this."

really? i think this might only be true of the english name if that is an addition to the existing chinese name.

for any other change (except when getting married), i am quite sure you need a deed of poll.

Q19. What documents should be produced for amendment of the personal particulars on my identity card?

If you want to change your name, you should produce documents relating to your change of name such as deed poll, marriage certificate or travel document.

Names in Chinese and Roman Script

It is common for Hong Kongers to adopt western-style English names (such as John, Mary, etc.) after being registered on the birth registry. Some of them may wish to include their western-style English name as part of their English name shown on their HKID (this is known as 'adding a western-style English name to one's registered English name' locally). They can apply to the Immigration Department for including such name as part of their registered English name (example: someone named 'Tai Ming CHAN' may have adopted a Western-style English name Peter and wish to have his name shown as 'Peter Tai Ming CHAN' or 'Tai Ming Peter CHAN' on his HKID and the government's records.). Though it leads to a name change, which normally requires a deed poll as a proof, the Immigration Department accepts such kind of application without requiring the applicant to show a deed poll. For other kinds of application for altering registered name, a deed poll is always needed.

Christelita (7 yrs ago)
I’m a westerner who was married to a Chinese guy, thus having a Chinese surname written in alphabets on my HKID, as Lam, Christelita. I had also chosen a Chinese given name Siu Fa.

When it came time to apply for permanent HKID, on a whim I told the Immigration officer that I would like to add also my Chinese name on the ID card. He looked a bit surprised, but complied without asking for any additional document proof. I just wrote the characters 林小花 for him, he added them in the application and now I have a HKID sporting a picture of a very gweilo face and a name in English and Chinese characters!

associates (7 yrs ago)
[UPDATE] Please note that fee quotes stated in historic postings may be out-of-date.

Changing your name would require a deed of change of name in Hong Kong, which should be prepared and sworn by lawyers; the lawyer would register the change in the immigration with the relevant form and documents. Costs would range between HK$5,000 – HK$8,000.

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