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POSTED BY FloS (7 yrs ago)

I was wondering if anyone could give me some information on the policies at public hospitals regarding a parent staying overnight with their child. I'd be interested to know about Queen Mary Hospital in particular. I'd hate to have to leave a sick toddler on their own.

Also, does the practice vary from one hospital to another?

Are some public hospitals on HK island side considered better for paediatric care than others?

Up to now have been in the private hospital system and happy with the treatment but with changes on insurance on the horizon I'm trying to figure out what our options would be.



Syed_Scorpio (7 yrs ago)
my 1 year old child was admitted for 5 days in Queen Elizabeth hospital

they will allow one person to stay with child, wont allow attendant to sleep at all, wont give anything more then a chair to sit all night,

wont provide any bed or any other facility to sleep even when asked for or even on a paid basis,

eating is again a problem, they wont let you eat in the room, you have to leave child alone even if you have to go to washroom for a few minutes.

overall care and treatment for the baby was very good, but not for the attendant.

we never tried private hospitals, they are beyond our reach.

michelley (7 yrs ago)
i think it does vary so do check the policies with the hospital you'll be at.

my cousin's boy was in tuen mun hospital when he was just under 1. they wouldn't let her stay in the room overnight. she could stay outside and come in to check on him every now and then, but they wouldn't let her stay in the room with the baby. daytime she could stay of course, but nights she couldn't . it made her really mad.

Syed_Scorpio (7 yrs ago)
that is even worse

in QE they would let one person stay with the kid all the time.

and if you have to go out for even a few mins you have to tie down and secure the kid with belts, imagine that.

lagrue (7 yrs ago)
Unfortunately for our little ones, space is extremely tight at the public's already loads better in the Paeds wards.....try taking a look at the adult wards during peak periods, people sleeping in corridors, shoulder to shoulder in as a consequence the hospitals, understandably put policies in place to reduce congestion i.e not allow parents to stay......frustrating for the individual and their little one, but it means that more people and children can be treated economically. Not sure how to solve this one, but I think the actual medical care at QMH and QEH Paeds department is excellent, even if the whole family 'holistic care' is not attended to.

linnalin (7 yrs ago)
Usually one parent can stay overnight, usually sitting on a chair, so not much chance for sleep. 'Great fun' for a single parent who can't take turns with anyone to get rest. Take a quilt and wear warm, it can get cold at night time otherwise.

When I was in late pregnancy and had to stay over due to my kid's operation, I got the luxury of a half reclining canvas chair. One time there was actually a simple, slightly padded folding 'bed'. Does no harm to ask, especially if you have to stay for several nights.

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