Living in Yuen Long



POSTED BY foxdee007 (7 yrs ago)
Hi, we've just got ourselves a week-end place in West Yuen Long area to get away from our busy lives and polution in the city. We chose YL because we didn't want to go to expat areas like Sai Kung or Clear Water Bay. Totally unfamiliar with YL yet loving the vibe I want to hear all coments, tips and ideas on the YL lifestyle.


Lawrence24 (7 yrs ago)
Wots wrong with Expats? I find the longer you live in HK the more you yearn for the sensibilities of home and the more alienated you feel. Yuen Long is even closer to the heavy pollution coming across the border which makes up most of HK Islands pollution, but you do get space for your buck. Nice tiny marshland if you are into bird watching vibe


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