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POSTED BY clarkg (7 yrs ago)
Hi guys, I know this is an off-topic on this thread but I couldnt find any that I can post my querries.. so here goes..

I'm leaving for Manila end of this year and I would like to bring all my hk's stuff with me back to Manila, like massage chair, tv, printer, desktop computer, clothes, etc. but not the bulky ones like bed and clothes drawers and tv rack. anyone can suggest a reliable but not so expensive mover? Sea freight movers would be ideal i guess since it's not as expensive as air freight movers. thanks.


beancurd (7 yrs ago)
You can phone afreight and they can deliver the box and you can pack by yourself. We call this door to door service. It will arrive to the doorstep of your house. This is reliable. They have different sizes.

I heard they have special offer for the jumbo size. And if you extend the size of the box, then you will pay extra charge. the jumbo size normally is around HK$600.00, no limit in the weight. You can ask them to bring extra jumbo box for your message chair. And you can buy the plastic bubble from the stationery shop to pack your things or use your towels, blanket to pack your things. We always use this AFREIGHT (ASIA PACIFIC) LTD sending HK goods to our Phil. home. They have office in Worldwide Plaza in Central, 3/f. The phone number: 8206652/8208181. The arrival time is 10 days to 14 days.

community advice (6 yrs ago)
Some further options for you to consider:-

> The Baggage Company

Tel - 2976-9877

Web - www.the

Email -

Gen-Ex Cargo International

Tel - 2343 - 4307

Web -

Email -

Info - Primary focus on the Phillipines

Hope you find these options helpful.

maryland (6 yrs ago)
I also have an interest in this topic and was about to post something similar, however I want to send some bigger household items back to the Philippines.

My main concern is the potential problems at the Manila end (maybe perceived not actual) and wondered if anyone has any other recomendations for shippers who have well managed the Philippine end of the transaction? To my understanding even taking cost out of the equation the major players are only as good as their Manila operation!

I am only sending a small qauntity of items which will not warrant a whole container.


clarkg (6 yrs ago)
@beancurd.. actually i've tried Afreight.. I don't have any problems while shipping with them but when shipping oversize boxes or oddsize, they seem to be expensive. Now i'm trying Amazing Speed, which is just opposite their office at Worldwide. Their biggest box is bigger by a couple of inches than Afreight's. But it's my first time to ship with Amazing, so hope everything goes well in Manila end.

@C Advice.. thanks for the recommendation.. will try asking them for quotes. thank you.

@maryland.. The time I was shipping with Afreight, They will take care of customs/duties in the Philippines, since their price or most of the price quoted by movers in HK are door to door. So meaning they ship it directly to either your house or office without additional payment when it arrives at your door in manila.

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